Diálogo de saberes a través de la actividad turística.

Diálogo de saberes a través de la actividad turística.

Descripción: Tourism can lead to recognize that the planet is one, but the worlds are many (Porto-Gonçalves, 2001) because its activities can make visible socioecological diversity, framed in a territory which is regularly called destination. However, when tourist activity is developed, the aim is not the encounter with diversity, but the goal is to (re) draw socio-economic and politically tourist destination. In this sense, one can say that tourism, as a strategy to eliminate o reduce poverty, has failed because local people hardly have access to promised benefits. Despite this fact, the activity has the potential to catalyze strategies to enable local actors to rebuild their life project. This document talks about animation activities as a literacy tool to build a dialogue between wisdoms, but also to create a process of awareness of the urgency to be solidarity and respectful tourist to society and ecosystem of local territory, called a tourist destination. Esta es la reseña en inglés del artículo con el mismo título que hemos puesto a esta imagen. Artículo de Ma. del Carmen Morfin; Revista Periplo Sustentable de la Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. ISSN: 1870-9036/ Publicación Semestral /Número: 21/ Julio / Diciembre 2011